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Cardio & Selectorized Equipment

All of our cutting edge, commercial grade Matrix and Vertex equipment is NEW! Our Selectorized equipment is ergonomically designed to promote proper muscular contraction. Our Cardio and Selectorized equipment allows you to keep track of your reps and time while moving in a natural range of motion. The gas spring adjustable seating and benches ensures all of our members will be able to quickly and easily manipulate the equipment settings to meet their needs.

Strength & Plate Loaded

We have the most extensive free weight selection available. Included in our free weight section are Olympic benches and plate loaded equipment. Free weights are of the highest quality with industrial framing. Our equipment will provide the support, stability, and functionality needed for heavy loads. There are 4 squat racks and a space dedicated to power and Olympic lifting. Also included are functional trainers and two cable crossover machines with accessories.

E-FIT Group Personal Training & Sport Specific

Here at MPG we pride ourselves on our group training and sport specific area! In addition to the MoveStrong™, we have built in speed ladders and dot drills and also offer plenty of space to be able to do tire flips, boot camps and any other unconventional training that can help you attain your goals!

MoveStrong™ puts the focus back on old-school exercises with a creative twist to keep it fresh, like climbing, pull-up variations, monkey bars, push-ups, suspension training, elevation training, squatting, and twisting. We have an extensive collection of medicine balls, slam balls, bands and jump boxes. To compliment the MoveStrong™ and other training accessories we also have a variety of power bands, battling ropes and speed training equipment. These tools use basic human skills and movements mixed with the latest functional strength training techniques using resistance bands, ropes, rings, barbells, and rotational trainers to develop the real life usable strength you need.

Functional Training

When you first walk into MPG Fitness, you will see our large functional training area offering kettle bells, bungies, heavy bags and anything else you can possibly imagine! There is a ton of space which allows you to do any unconventional training without feeling confined at any time.

You also have free use of a truly amazing piece of equipment, Power Plate® . Power Plate is a unique piece of equipment featuring a platform that generates precise harmonic vibration at rates of 25-80 times per second. Power Plate provides users a fully body workout in less than 30 minutes incorporating all five elements of fitness: flexibility, balance, core conditioning, strength training, and massage. Power Plate is a safe, medically approved device that can provide benefits to individuals of all fitness levels delivering immediate improvement of blood circulation to increased muscle strength.. This single piece of equipment has a variety of measurable outcomes including improved range of motion, decreased cellulite, increased bone mineral density, reduced pain, and faster recovery. Unlike most gyms, you are free to use PowerPlate when it is available. And if you want instruction, our staff is always eager to display all of the amazing things this piece of equipment can do for you.

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