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the buy in

How it Works:

“Now at your average gym as a warm up, the “BUY IN” is a fast paced series of mobility & muscle activation exercises. That will get your heart rate up and your muscles ready to work!”

step 2 the workout

One of Four Signature Programs

Flow (Coming soon)


Mannnnn This Class is Non-Stop!

30 minutes of high intensity movements featuring HIIT, Tabata, Circuits & functional movements that will have you wishing you stayed at the purple place.


Mannnnn That SH*T was heavy!

Now it’s time for the heavy stuff, the stuff that really gets the results you’re looking for. This program centers around the big 3;
Warning! You will be SORE!


Want to Channel Your Inner Rocky?

Featuring a 1-2-3 punch of technique, conditioning and functional movement that will absolutely melt fat!


Find your chill! (And not the Cheech & Chong way)

A stunning mix of

That will make you say crazy things like “This E-Learning thing isn’t so bad”

Want real results?

Want a program that will really challenge you? E-FIT life is for you!

Work with one of our experienced trainers who have the knowledge and expertise to take your fitness to the next level.

Every training session starts with “the buy in” a quick but challenging warm up that will get your heart rate up and your whole body ready to go.

Then it’s onto “the workout” which will push you to your limit. Featuring Compound lifting, Functional movement, and HIIT in a one, two, three combo that will help you build muscle, burn fat, and live your best life in your best body!

If you’re looking to get started drop us a message here!

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