I have competed in point fighting and other forms of martial arts for over 20 years. I was a national champion multiple times. I was a all conference athlete in multiple sports and competed in state tournaments. I competed in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting also. I believe in training the individual to what is best for them. Not all clients have the same strength and weaknesses.

I’ve worked with every walk of life. From Kids, fat loss clients, Bodybuilders, special populations and professional/amateur athletes. I focus on form and safety of my cliental. By using my knowledge of 12 years of experience. I have and hold certs in FMS, Nasma, RKC, PowerPlate, HMHB, Nasm, ACE, NFPT, TRX, Stroops Special population courses, TriggerPoint Therapy, MAT Studies PURMOTION Function Patterns and more.



I am 38, mother of 5. Fitness has always been my passion, I worked in a gym all through, high school and remain actively working out through all my pregnancies. I have helped my mother build her Barber Shop business over the last 20 years, but have always felt an overwhelming desire to pursue a fitness career. After moving to Plainfield 4 years ago, and becoming a member at MPG, I decided to get certified as a personable trainer through W.I.T.S.

I started as trainer at MPG with Anthony in April 2018. I truly believe that exercise is medicine. I love to help people get motivated and have fun while they are getting healthy. I use a lot of unconventional training methods, boxes, trx, battle ropes, and kettle bells. I love how fitness has made such a positive impact on my life. I want to share that feeling of strength, empowerment and achievement with others. There is no better feeling then helping someone achieve a goal and watch them get physically and mentally stronger!

Dionna personal Trainer

Erika Lofgren

Hi Fitness Fans, I grew up being a cheerleader, doing gymnastics and playing volleyball. And then I found the weight room and instantly fell in love. But it wasn’t until a few years after my son was born that I truly embraced weight training. Absolutely love being in the gym. In 2009 I decided to make a career change BUT WHAT??? My sister and I
were discussing what I should do and she said why not Personal Training, for my love of the gym and my passion for helping others. It was a win, win situation, so back to school I went. I went to the National Personal Training Institute. That was 10 years ago and I couldn’t be happier.

Over the years I have gotten a few different certifications in power plate, tiger, point therapy and functional movement screening. Not to mention all the reading and learning I do about nutrition and even more exercises. Then just before my 40th birthday I decided that I was going to grace the bodybuilding stage doing womens physique. 5 shows later and 4 trophies later, what an amazing experience.

When it comes to my clients Your Fitness Is My Goal. Nothing brings me more joy then seeing my people reach their goals and milestones. Its not just about how fabulous you look its so much more its about how you feel, how much better you can move. So you can live and enjoy life to its fullest. Through nutrition and exercise you can live that healthy
lifestyle, while still being able to enjoy some of those guilty pleasures WE all have. All my experiences have lead me to you. I will you be your biggest fan!
Peace, Love & Dumbbells
Erika teaches the “Kettlebell Kraze” class on Mondays, “Strength & HIIT” class on Thursdays and “Meet me at the Bar” on Fridays.

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